Saturday, September 17, 2005

Pondering on a Risky Decision

Have you ever asked God for something special, he gives you something more than expected, but with a ‘twist’? Well, I just got that and the ‘twist’ it too risky to unwind. I appreciate the fact that he always grants my wishes, although I’ve never always been a good son to Him, but I can’t get over the ‘twist’ because I really want what He granted to me. Its something that I’ve wanted for such a long time but it’s the kind of thing where ‘you have to take a major risk and hope that it doesn’t backfire’. The repercussions are something I wouldn’t be able to bare with for the rest of my life if it backfires. My mind ponders on whether I should do it or not, every beat of my heart says that I desperately need it. If I do it, I’m only thinking of my own needs; if I don’t, I would be left to wonder for the rest of my life about what could have been or what should have been.

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