Tuesday, May 29, 2007

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

The only reason I'm doing this is because Yuin Yin tagged me and so i have to continue the chain. This list took me so long because i hardly know myself hehehe!

  1. I have a slight OCB
    Obsessive Compulsive Behavior. I over-react to a lot of stuff. Sometimes to the extent of the smallest detail. For example, if i write something, every word and notation must be perfect. If even a full-stop is missing, i'll go crazy and try to correct it even if its already printed out and i'd just correct it and print it out again. Another example my playlist of songs in my pc. Every song title is editted so that it follows a uniform format (a dash to separate artist and title, capital letter only for of the 1st alphabet of the entire title, capital letters for the 1st alphabets of each word for the artist name, for songs with featured artists the format is different a bit). Many other examples i can't think of, sometimes it happens subconsciously.

  2. I'm a good leader, bad follower
    I can't take orders at all for some reason. Very low attention span. I think even a monkey has a longer attention span than me. Especially if the leader thats bossing me around is incompetent, thats the worst thing, I'll lose my head. If i know the leader is wrong and I'm right, I'll wage a war. But if I'm the leader, I'd die on the battlefield for my troops. As a leader, I've always put my troops before me.

  3. I'm a sucker for romantic movies
    Lol! This is one of my weaknesses. I really like this genre, but i only watch the really good ones. My favorites include A Walk To Remember, Jerry Maguire, Scent Of A Woman, 10 Things I Hate About You, Tomcats, Girl Next Door, Love Actually and much more. But mind you, I'm not a Titanic-fan.

  4. My favorite color is red
    "Red is my color, united is my team!" This is too obvious. Manchester United is red so naturally red is my color too. I would buy a red car when i start working. Red always!

  5. I would bleed for football
    I've spent so many years playing football, almost a decade now. I was always the passionate one on the field. Diving into tackles, blocking shots with my body and bumping into every obstacle thrown at me, that was how i played the game. As a result, i would like a wounded soldier when i got back home from playing, because i would have cuts, bruises and swollen body parts all the time. Sometimes even worse, i've had inflammation in both my knees (you won't wanna know how they took that out), and i even fell into a coma once after coming home from football. Even when i was lying down on my hospital bed a day after i woke up from my coma, the first thing i ask the doctor is "when can i start playing football again?".

  6. I work part-time for the church
    Yeah, i do. Mainly web mastering and coordinating youth activities. I really take my church work seriously and i do it for God. He has done a lot for me so i want to return the favor. Besides, its fun and i get to spend some time with my church friends.

Still thinking... LOL!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Theory of Relativity V2

My friend told me this joke and i don't mean it as an insult to women. Its just a JOKE. But mathematically proven as you can see :p

girl = time x money

People say time is money,
time = money

So naturally,
girl = money x money

So to simplify,
girl = money2

People also say that money is the root of all evil,
money = evil

So if you mathematically switch the equation, evil = money2

girl = money2 and evil = money2,

It boils down to

girl = evil

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Experienced My Greatest Fear in 1 Night...

What's my greatest fear? Actually, its the fear of being a parent. I've always told myself that i should get married late because i don't want to have children so early. I still want to enjoy my freedom while it still last. But a few days ago my fears caught up with me.

My sis bought a puppy (Shizu breed la). So, being only 6 weeks old, it demanded a lot of attention. During the day time it didn't matter because my sis was around to attend to it. But my nightmare started at night when my sis wanted me to let the puppy sleep in my room for the night (in its cage). I went to bed at about 1AM. As soon as i rested my head on my pillow, the puppy started barking. It wanted to piss and i won't piss in its cage for some reason, it prefers to water my floor. So, after it did its 'business' i had to mop my floor... at 1AM in the morning, mind you... and then it didn't want to go back into the cage, it wanted to play. So, i played with it for about 30 minutes and then it started to get sleepy again, so i put it back into the cage. Then i went back to bed. Next thing you know, it barks again after 15 minutes. It needed to piss again. So, i repeated the same routine and put it back to sleep after awhile. The problem is that it repeated the routine so many times that i didn't realize that it was already 7AM by then, and i had to go to church at 8AM. So, i told my mom that i will go for the 11.30AM mass at church instead, because i was too sleepy to even walk. Unfortunately, i overslept and missed that mass as well, but i went for the 5.30PM mass.

So, the lesson learnt is that we should never commit ourselves to 'young' beings of any kind this early in life. We'll regret it. I can't imagine doing that for more than 1 night. Now i know what it feels like to have a baby in the house. Parents have sleepless nights. Life is unkind sometimes lol!

But i love the puppy. I can't blame her for what she does everytime i look into her eyes. My heart just melts. I like the way when i was so tired that night that i just slept for awhile on the floor while taking care of her. She was playing around in my room that time and when she saw me sleeping, she came and slept beside me. She was so cute.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Massager from hell...

I recently met this Chinese physician who studied in China for 20 years. He's actually my uncle's friend. So, he read my palm and told me about the health problems that i had. He said that i had back pains that were caused by damaged nerves on my back. He said that my blood wasn't circulating properly there. He recommended a massage, so i thought that a massage won't be so bad since that everything he said was true, I've been having back pains for years due to my injuries when i was actively playing football (now so old ready, can't play like last time LOL!).

Anyway, he began his treatment and to my surprise he said that my body was too tough and he couldn't massage it properly. So, he recommended another method... to my horror he used the edge of a porcelain bowl to scrape my back to stimulate the nerve and remove clogs. The pain was excruciating. I was screaming all the way. When i was admitted into the hospital when i was in Form 3, the doctors used to stab me with needles like crazy and i got used to it, it got to the point where i enjoyed being stabbed like that. I even got stabbed with a needle through my backbone and through my knee cap. But the pain that i was going through during this massage surpassed all the stabbing pains that I've gone through. My back was blue-black when he finished. He even did it on my ribs and it was sore for 1 week. But amazingly, my back pains went away instantly and i felt better.

He also told me some other things about my future when he read my palm. But I'm not putting any bets on it because I'd like to create my own future. I guess going through the pain was worth it. So, anyone want a massage like that? :P

My back after the massage. Full of bumps and bruises. Fully blue-black.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What people think of IT students?

People think that studying IT is easy and all you need to learn is to switch on and switch off a PC. It's funny how we IT students have to spend 3 to 4 years studying a RM50,000 (on average) degree program and all we get in return are insults and... more insults. Here are some other perceptions that people have about IT graduates:

We need to answer stupid questions

No matter how stupid a question can be, IT people are expected to answer it without actually using any technical terms. Makes us IT people look like the bigger idiots.

Example: "Why when i want to print the screen say printer not found? The printer right next to my PC what? This PC blind ah?!!!" asks the employer. "Did you switch on the printer?" answers the IT technician. "Oh, need to switch on ah? Why never say earlier wan? Next time write down for me ok?" answers the employer. Then the IT technician walks away and repeatedly hits his head against a cement wall.

We need to be able to solve any PC problems, no matter how far we are from the scene

Even when we're stuck in a remote location (even on a tropical island with no modern civilization), we're expected to solve PC problems but visualizing the PC in our heads guided by the 'vivid' and 'meaningful' descriptions given by the person who need the quick fix.

Example: After a 12 hour day of work, the IT technician finally gets to rest his head in his bedroom in house own house... he falls asleep... out of the blue, he receives a phone call from his employer... at 2AM IN THE MORNING!!! The conversation: "Why my PC can switch on but nothing appear on the screen wan?" asks the employer. "I'm not sure sir, i can't see what's wrong from here, i will check it as soon as i reach the office in the morning" says the IT technician. "Haiyah, this problem also cannot fix ah? Why you learn IT then? I wan watch movie now you know." says the employer and slams down the phone. The IT technician hits his head against the wall repeatedly... again.

We are given the 'unemployable' status even before we graduate

Most non-IT people say that there are too many unemployed IT graduates in the country now. Well, thats rubbish. Only the noob local uni student who aren't able to communicate well, because they were so 'spoon fed' by the government are unemployed. Private uni or college IT student almost never have a problem landing a job here and overseas because the job market for IT is growing rapidly these days. IT sectors like software engineering and networking are in need of graduates. So, please don't spread rumors like "Don't study IT la, my father said that Malaysia got 50,000 IT students who cannot get job wan. Do business la, my father say can get 5 figure pay after we graduate. I wan to be like that  Donald Trump fella la, he own McDonald rite?".

So overall, as an IT student myself, i get bombarded with silly questions sometimes, i don't mind answering them but i wish that the questions were a bit more logical. I enjoy studying IT and i know IT has a very bright future ahead. And please don't blame technicians or other IT personnel when your PC problems cannot be fixed. We're only human, not God :-)

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Life at 22...

So, how’s life at 22 so far? I guess it’s a whole new learning experience. I’ve only just started my 22nd year and I can already say that there have been many ups and downs this year. I guess this learning experience helps us to grow. It can be painful at times, it can be pleasurable also. I would never say that I’ve been through everything life has to offer, I would say I’m just going through it, taking a crash-course. I really don’t mind going through all these hurdles, it teaches me. So, is the process of getting older life’s greatest pitfall? I don’t think so. We have to bury our past, embrace the present and look forward to the future. Wouldn’t you agree? :-)

Well, I guess my plans for the remaining period of this year would be to focus on the things that matter most to me, my family, my friends and my studies. I guess the others can wait; I’ll leave those to years 24 and 25. I’m optimistic about what I want to do in the future and now is the best time to start laying out those building blocks. I’m still thinking of migrating to Australia after my degree, I’ve got to weigh the pros and the cons first. That's something to aim for. Other than that, I’ll take it one at a time and relax. I hope you can do the same cause Fred Durst once sang:”Life is a lesson, you’ll learn it when you’re through”. He’s right.