Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fantasy Vs. Reality

There's a big difference between fantasy and reality. Many of us hope that one fine day, our fantasies will be fulfilled. Well, ask yourself this question... what happens after you have fulfilled that fantasy? What do have to look forward to? Some might say another fantasy but what happens if one day, you've fulfilled all your fantasies and you can't think of anything else? Wouldn't you question the purpose of living? Of course you can enjoy yourself while those fantasies still last but when its over, what will drive you to look forward to the future? You'll have all the pleasures of life behind you, but an empty and uncertain path ahead of you. I believe that some fantasies should remain as fantasies. For example, if you fantasies about having all the money in the world, what happens when you manage to fulfill that dream and you've already bought everything that you wish to buy? Money will still be money and nothing more than that. You can't bring money to the grave. I know that some people might argue that it's best to fulfill ones fantasies before he or she hits 6 feet under, but we don't know when we're going die anyway, so if you fulfill your fantasies too early you'll have nothing to dream of till your final day on this earth. So, that's my philosophy, fulfilling too many fantasies is a dumb thing to do. Enjoy life to the fullest, but also set limits to that. Hmmm... finally... my biggest fantasy is... a day with HST.... haha! That's just a clue. The answer is somewhere in my blog.... HAVE A NICE DAY! :P

My New Dream Gurl, Hannah Tan *drool*

I have never been obsessed (as in fantasised) with Malaysian girls in particular before. My dream girls were mostly European or American (I mean Western) until I met Hannah Sarah Tan. She’s Miss Petite Malaysia (I don’t know which year), she a model, she’s an actress, and she’s a TV program hostess. She’s not only a great beauty but she has Einstein’s brains. Come on, how often do you find that combination? She totally amazed me when I found out about her background. She’s not another dumb model, she’s a model with a 4.0GPA score…. Amazing! Hannah Sarah Tan... *drool*
Here’s what I mean:

Brief Profile:

Name: Hannah Sarah Tan
Date of Birth: 25th October 1981
Place of Birth: Penang, Malaysia
Nationality: Malaysian
Race: Chinese-Kelabit

Pageant Achievements:

  • Miss Global Petite International WorldFinals 2002/2003 (Montreal, CANADA)2nd Runner-up1 Subsidiary Title (Miss Congeniality)
  • Miss Malaysia Petite 2002/2003Winner1 Subsidiary Title
  • Miss Perak Petite 2002/2003Winner1 Subsidiary Title
  • Miss Penang Pesta Millennium 2001/2002Winner4 Subsidiary Titles


  • Bsc. (Hons.) in Computing and Information Systems
  • Higher Diploma in Computer Studies Graduation Class Distinction, GPA 4.0
  • International Advanced Diplomain Computer Studies NCC (Correspondence self-study with the National Computing Centre in UK)Graduation Class DistinctionInternational
  • Diploma inComputer StudiesNCC (Correspondence self-study with the National Computing Centre in UK) Graduation Class Distinction


  • NCC Silver Awards, Malaysia's Second Best Student (August 2002)
  • Valedictorian Award (July 2001)
  • Book Prize Winner, Top Scorer Schoolof Computing and Information Systems (July 2001)
  • NCC Malaysia's Outstanding Student Award (Project Management)(1999 - 2000 Academic Year)
  • Merit Scholarship Award (August 2000, April 2000, January 2000, August 1999, April 1999)

Non-Academic Involvements and Experiences:

YEAR 2005:
Guest, Pillow Talk (Pillow Talk Specials), ntv7Host, Ringgit Sense, TV3Host, Looking Good FeelingGood (new makeover reality show ), ntv7

YEAR 2004:
Sketches, ntv7Guest, Pillow Talk (Season 1), ntv7Guest, Pillow Talk (Season 2), ntv7Guest, Celebrity Squares (ntv7),3 episodesGuest, Latte @ 8 (8TV), 1 episodeHost, Girls' Club, ntv7

Don't you think thats her profile is impressive? I've seen and met many classic beauties in my life. But with Hannah, its different, i guess its becuase of her combination of intelligence, grace, cuteness and radiance that strikes me more. Here are more of her pics:

Hannah's Miss Global PhotoHannah's Nescafe Advert Hannah's Swimsuit Photo... *drool*

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sometimes I Think I Know Too Much

Sometimes, I wish that I don’t know as much as I know. Does this make sense? Hmmm… I wish that I wasn’t the one people desperately turn to for help and the one that is discarded when they don’t need me. People turn to me for help all the time and most of the time it’s the biggest headache to them but its like peanuts to me. I hate it when the problem is so simple to me and difficult for others. I hate being troubled for no good reason. I don’t mind helping but I don’t like it when the problem is actually not a problem. Then, when I help out, they’re happy for a while, and then they forget me. I hate being used and then discarded like rubbish. I guess the world will never change. I’ll just have to live with it. Sigh!