Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Next poem... Her Everything

Finally done with this, my next poem:

Her Everything

Her smile surpasses spring’s first bloom,
Her persona bewilders hearts of steel,
Her kindness appeases trouble’s gloom,
Her presence radiates a breathtaking appeal.

Her birth is God’s gift to lowly earth,
Her wits unmatched in every way,
Her deeds expect none of reward,
Her warmth melts hearts away.

Her beauty to many an object of envy,
Her caress speaks only of feelings of love,
Her kiss a long-lasting lingering sensation,

Her breath reminisces' autumn's soothing breeze.

Her voice infamies’ a choir of angels,
Her grace is of the worlds above,
Her scent like the first rose of spring,
Her everything bewildered us a lifetime.

I'm not happy with it... should have been better... i think i just ran out of ideas. Oh well!