Sunday, December 06, 2009

New Moon movie… wtf is the addiction about?

Disclaimer: My comments below are directed to the New Moon MOVIE and NOT the BOOK. I have not read the book, so I won’t comment on it.

I was dragged to watch new moon with a friend 2 days ago. Seriously saying, I wasted my 12 bucks. My problem is that the “New Moon” storyline sucks so bad that it makes Dead or Alive look like a box office hit.

Firstly, their idea of unselfish love is so stupid because it actually portrays that if you love someone so deeply and you want to protect them, hurt them and leave them. Then come back to them after awhile and say that the reason you did that is because you love them and all is forgiven… crap!

Secondly, the rebound guy gets screwed… and in the movie just because he’s not the male lead, its ok for him to get screwed. Women call men shovanist, so doesn’t the gurl in the movie display classic shovanism? Didn’t she lead him around and then when her ex comes back she dumps him aside? Quote: “It has always been Edward”… WTF?!!!

Thirdly, you can clearly see that the movie ONLY targets the female gender. The main attraction? Some half naked guys running around trying to be the peace-keeping force… During the movie, I swear I could hear women moaning each bloody time they see the guys appear topless on screen. If we guys did that in a movie theater, the women would most probably complain that we’re being indecent ‘pigs’… go figure!

Fourthly, it encourages teens to commit suicide if they can’t take the heat… let’s see, if you are heart-broken from love, the best solution would be to kill yourself??? If you can’t take the heat, jump out the window??? Wouldn’t it be better if you encourage teens to move on with their lives if they face such problems? I’m not the king of moral values but seriously think of the implications here, for teens. These are the kinds of movies that influence them very easily.

Finally, the acting… horrible to say the least. Looked like B grade acting. Come on, I’m sure there are better talent out there, somewhere! Somehow, I had this feeling that their expressions were so fake, especially Jacob’s. In reality he portrayed this under-aged male stripper who’s only role was to get women moaning throughout the movie and his expression was equal to a kid who failed miserably in the audition for the Mickey Mouse Club.

So, what’s the hype all about? Maybe the book is hundred times better but I’m asking about the hype about the movie and the actors/actresses. If you ask me, the director and script writer should be shot dead…