Monday, April 28, 2008

Entering the Lion's Den for an... Interview???

I've just finished my finals. Now that I've completed my degree, its time to look for a job... but with which company? Well, thanks to my senior (Joseph) and my Head of Program (Alain), they managed to hook me up with SHELL!!! Shell is an IT person's dream come true, mainly because their IT department is one of the most efficient and technologically advanced in the world. Their IT Department here in Malaysia services the entire Shell organization throughout the world... so imagine the awe and excitement…

Anyway, went for an interview with them last Tuesday. They were very impressed by the way I presented myself and of course my academic excellence (only I know that’s crap) LOL! Then before the end, they asked me 2 important questions:

What do you expect in terms of salary?
My answer: I would say 3k at least because I know I can deliver.
Their reaction: Ok *writes down the figure on my resume*

What sports do you play?
My answer: Football of course.
Their reaction: Thank God that we finally have someone that plays football!

All in all, it was a very successful interview and 2 days later they confirmed that they were hiring me and we began talks on my contract for the position of Client Deployment Engineer. So, Shell will be my home for the next few years. To get into this place is amazing and I hope to learn enough to become an expert in the future.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl: Couture Batik comments

Written by guest author A.Chong

Photo source:
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What’s up with the leg? The way it bent made her looked damn unnatural. The picture looked scary as her right arm is missing! What is this? Some sort of Japanese horror movie poster? She really looked like those “lala” gal I see in discos and pubs. Maybe the show should start looking for girls selling Marlboro and Carlsberg in Bangsar. Malaysian dream girl???? Her expression says it all: boring.


What the hell? Who the hell is the photographer? Look at her face. Did the cameraman forgot to say “1,2,3..”? She looked like she didn’t know her photo was taken. Look at her mouth. Is that a smile? Did she forget to close her lips? Or was that meant to be sexy??? They should change the theme to “Boring expression”… or “Expressionless”.


Uncomfortable. That is how I felt looking at the picture. I am sure she felt the same way too judging from her post and her expression. Why is she raising her arms while bending one of her leg? Imagine this, you go to check into your hotel room, turn on the light, and you see Hanis wearing this and with the same pose. I will be freak out if I see someone posing like her. Too much yoga classes?


Oh dear. This picture is just fucked up. Is she smiling? Is she trying to look hot? Is she chewing some food? I think her nose has become the center of attention in the picture. Why? Simple, it is just too big. She looked stunt. I would too if I knew this picture will be shown to everyone. By the way, she looked more like a mother of two rather than a Malaysian dream girl.


Given that others have been crap, I guess this picture is slightly better than the others. However, her hair looks messy. Her body does not look proportionate in this picture as well. You know how women like to complain that they have a big butt. Well Nadia, this pic does make you look like you have a big butt.


Haha. Yes, this is my first reaction when I saw the pic. It looks like some sort of advert for perfume. “Smell my arm pit…..”. I hope she does not wear this in the jungle or she will be eaten as she looks like a grasshopper as well. Very unnatural post. You want to know how the pro and hot chik does it? Look below:

Similar post, different feel. Why? Could be just her face and body. I know Ringo is a buddy of Kenny Sia. Could the post have been some bad advice from Kenny Sia?