Saturday, April 26, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl: Couture Batik comments

Written by guest author A.Chong

Photo source:
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What’s up with the leg? The way it bent made her looked damn unnatural. The picture looked scary as her right arm is missing! What is this? Some sort of Japanese horror movie poster? She really looked like those “lala” gal I see in discos and pubs. Maybe the show should start looking for girls selling Marlboro and Carlsberg in Bangsar. Malaysian dream girl???? Her expression says it all: boring.


What the hell? Who the hell is the photographer? Look at her face. Did the cameraman forgot to say “1,2,3..”? She looked like she didn’t know her photo was taken. Look at her mouth. Is that a smile? Did she forget to close her lips? Or was that meant to be sexy??? They should change the theme to “Boring expression”… or “Expressionless”.


Uncomfortable. That is how I felt looking at the picture. I am sure she felt the same way too judging from her post and her expression. Why is she raising her arms while bending one of her leg? Imagine this, you go to check into your hotel room, turn on the light, and you see Hanis wearing this and with the same pose. I will be freak out if I see someone posing like her. Too much yoga classes?


Oh dear. This picture is just fucked up. Is she smiling? Is she trying to look hot? Is she chewing some food? I think her nose has become the center of attention in the picture. Why? Simple, it is just too big. She looked stunt. I would too if I knew this picture will be shown to everyone. By the way, she looked more like a mother of two rather than a Malaysian dream girl.


Given that others have been crap, I guess this picture is slightly better than the others. However, her hair looks messy. Her body does not look proportionate in this picture as well. You know how women like to complain that they have a big butt. Well Nadia, this pic does make you look like you have a big butt.


Haha. Yes, this is my first reaction when I saw the pic. It looks like some sort of advert for perfume. “Smell my arm pit…..”. I hope she does not wear this in the jungle or she will be eaten as she looks like a grasshopper as well. Very unnatural post. You want to know how the pro and hot chik does it? Look below:

Similar post, different feel. Why? Could be just her face and body. I know Ringo is a buddy of Kenny Sia. Could the post have been some bad advice from Kenny Sia?


Jonathan Nathan said...

Thanks for your comments dude! Very true indeed. I've just finished watching episode 15... seemed very biased... because Jay (although I don't like her) had more potential than Cindy or Adeline but she didn't advance into the Top 3. Cindy is just ok... but why the heck are judges keeping Adeline... she's so robotic and she's got an irritating look most of the time, I just feel that when I look at her.

I'm rooting for Hanis to win this. She's the one I liked from the start and the fact that she made it this far proves that I have good taste... so far ;-)

But serious this competition doesn't have a point at all. I don't see what the judges saw in them in the first place. I'm not in the fashion industry and even I can tell that this competition is screwed up.

If the winner is picked according to the highest number of SMS votes... then its even more screwed up... basically the same problem with Malaysian Idol.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you,
its like you have the money,you spend money to vote for yourself and winners win according to the money you splash on to vote for yourself and not based on talent. MDG = OIAM?
i dont see a point ..

YinYin said...

Oh gosh ,i hate the CINDY SO u said..this malaysia dream girl ,really is not proffesional at all.....damn lousy..all no quality ....all win by voted! oh unfair

anyways,your blog is interesting ...will be visiting soon....hehehe...will linked u at my blog!

Jonathan Nathan said...

Hey, thanx to anonymous (whoever u r) and yin yin for dropping by. I finally found some people who agree with me and my friend A.Chong about the stupidity of this competition. I have posted my opinion on this competition and someone actually defended one of the contestants by saying that Valerie deserved to win... I was shocked that someone actually honestly thought that she (Valerie) was the next Malaysian Supermodel. I think that there are other women that are more qualified than her... obviously.

Anyway, I actually voted for Hanis to win this. Mainly because I can see that she has what it takes to be a model and she's definitely better than Cindy and Adeline. Cindy played dirty (sms scandal) and Adeline just looks like she just doesn't care. So, prove them wrong and vote for Hanis.

Anonymous said...

Likely hanis will win the contest if the MDG people also send in lots of SMS votes for her.

Ed said...

nathan, the comment you passed for all these girls none are positive. but in the end of the day, you root for hanis. you said cindy is a bitch because of her attitude. fine, but dont you think you gave that comment out of biasness? adeline, you said she couldnt care less. how you know that at all? by watching? come on. be lenient and slow bit on your comments. you are only 23 and i m sure you know nothing about modeling after reading your post. what you know is to watch MDG and passed out comment like 'smell my armpit', 'look like a mother of 2'. It's modeling pose and it doesnt reflect what the pose look like. it's about the pose that make a model look good. Fikir dulu sebelum letak komen yang tak senonoh ini.

Anonymous said...
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Jonathan Nathan said...

Dear Ed,

First of all, I'm rooting for Hanis mainly because the other 2 have very bitchy attitudes and basically Hanis doesn't (well at least on screen she doesn't). I'm not saying that Hanis is the next big super-model, I'm merely saying that she has potential (more than the other 2, just in my opinion. you don't have to have experience in modeling to give an opinion rite? Just like you don't have experience in knowing me but you still ran your mouth like you know me for 10 years saying that I'm not positive). Yes I do not have experience and interest in modeling but as I've said earlier... this competition says "Malaysian Dreamgirl"... so by definition, it does not have to be about JUST MODELING (look it up in the dictionary Ed). I do care what the producers say this competition is about, I've defined it according to the title.

You think I'm biased? Yes I admit I am, if you're not, then you're lying. Everyone on this earth is biased towards something. Btw, if you read the post properly, maybe you weren't wearing your glasses because i stated at the begining that I didn't write the post, it was written by a close friend of mine (A.Chong), so the "smelly armpit" comment ain't mine. So please read properly next time, read it twice. Btw, I think A.Chong was criticizing their poses because he knows that they can do a lot better. A model's poses is suppose to reflect beauty, sex appeal and elegance... I don't think I see that in any of those pics. Just a guy's opinion, everyone is entitled to one.

Next time you think of relating on me for my comments or posts on my blog, please think twice.

Anonymous said...

To Ed,

Who cares whether we know about modelling or not? This is Malaysians' dream girl, and we want to see a dream girl. Modelling pose? Hmm.. funny, never seen Cindy Crawford or Tyra Bank posing such "unique" poses.

These models at the end post to attact the customers. Don't tell me as the customer, we must agree to a pose that looks like smell my armpit? Who cares if someone is age 23 or knows about modelling or not? With that pose, I will not be attacted to the products they are selling.

Btw, Ed, are you the mother of one of the models? Most guys are not so upset about these comments...


Anonymous said...

Cindy's daddy won and she can try out her modelling & acting skills in videos similar to:

Ed said...

obviously ah chong and joNATHAN are one of those brats who talk cock alot more than sensible stories. but it's okie. like nathan said, it's just opinions. i respect that.

by the way, relating anything on you on your post, i dont have to think twice. as a blogger, be open to criticisms okie. dont tell those who comment to think twice. you'd be lucky people like me who spent a min or two of my life to even read the crap you typed on web.

as for ah chong, obviously you another typical cina who passed out comment on people as long as you feel like to. i understand why u call yourself ah chong. in the end of the day, like nathan said: one entitle for their own opinion. fair and square dudes.

p/s sorry for misquoting nathan. i didnt read properly due to... never mind.

Jonathan Nathan said...

Ed, doesn't everyone talk cock in their blog at least once or twice? Look at Kenny Sia, he practically does it everyday (talk cock i mean). That's what u call freedom of expression. You would already know that if u were human.

I can take criticism, but I believe in give and receive! So take yours well also. And what I meant about thinking twice was "read the post properly before commenting!".

Btw, its AChong and not Ah Chong. You would be surprised if you knew his qualifications. He's actually one of the smartest people I know. So don't call people Ah Chong, I bet you yourself are one!

Anonymous said...

Ermm.. as Jonathan said, it is Achong.. A = Alain, C= chong which is my full name. Just using AChong for fun... but of course, you can have your opinion lar, no matter how crap it is. After all, I am entitled to have an opinion about you.

About cina man, well, I was actually born in London, but I am proud to be a Chinese, so I don't mind.

Of course you are free to leave comments, but leave it in a nice way since you are a visitor. I don't go to your house to crap there and insult your mom do I?

Btw, if you are a blogger, tell us your blog, we would love to read your entries and learn how to blog from you. We, unlike you, do like to spend our time reading craps sometimes.


Ed said...

frankly, like i care much whether he is ah chong or achong. like i care he is from london or china. and like i care what qualification he has or one of the smartest guy nathan knows. and frankly i would not be surprised for his qualification cos i couldnt careless.

if one can start giving out comments bout how a person is for the sake of making urself feel better or for fun sake, with qualification, it makes u look worst.

btw, i dont do blog because i lack of the skill nathan has. and nathan, people do talk cock. no doubt. but no one does better than you do. not even kenny sia. it's a compliment dude.

and about the analogy ah chong made 'I don't go to your house to crap there and insult your mom do I?' was pure rubbish. you dont have to bring 'mom' in all those right? then again your qualification tend to show how low u can be. so nathan, keep his qualification to yourself. because it just make him look real bad.

and chong, the comments initially was for nathan and nathan only. and after reading your comments i realised you like to bring in the 'mother'word. you lack of motherly love is it? then again who cares?

Jonathan Nathan said...

Ed, I realise that some people were just born without common sense and manners like you, so I'll just leave your comments be. I'll feel stupid if I keep stooping down to your level. Write whatever you want because basically you're wasting your time, its not like we're going to submit to your will or suddenly be enlighten by your 'words of wisdom'. Screw you!

Ed said...

'Ed, I realise that some people were just born without common sense and manners like you, so I'll just leave your comments be. I'll feel stupid if I keep stooping down to your level.Screw you!'

looks who's talking? if u said so, then you are stupid and you did went down to my level. welcome to my level here nathan. btw, i never want you to submit. it wouldnt be fun then. anyhow, i think i had enough fun to make fun people like you. obviously you cant take it anymore. hahaha.

ok la nathan. thanks for the entertaining post and comments. thank ah chong for me too since you know his qualification which you think may surprise me.

oh ya, seriously you have a good blog here. i went to kenny sia talk before, looks like you are on the right track. keep up the goodwork boy.

Jonathan Nathan said...

Well, thanks for making me realize that there are Malaysians like you who challenge bloggers on what they write. I stand firm on what I write and anyone is entitled to comment but comments should be written in a non-provocative way, so that bloggers appreciate the criticism instead of a provocative way where bloggers get irritated.

I think if your initial comments were non-provocative, unnecessary insults would not have been exchanged. I'm not giving up or as you said 'you cant take it anymore', I just think its wasting my time. I've got better things to do anyway.

Hanis Zalikha said...

Jonathan! Anda hebat! Anda ada taste! Hurei!

Jonathan Nathan said...

Hi Hanis! Wow! This is something unexpected. Never dreamed that u would visit my blog. Anyway, thanx for dropping by and please come again. Btw, congratz on starting ur blog, I'll b dropping by very often, so keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Someone has to buy me korean meal + TGI Friday's...


Jonathan Nathan said...

Lol! Sure will, Alain!

passerbyyy said...

ed is so full of crap. asking people not to be biased then he himself leaving baseless insults, so contradicting himself. as tho he himself damn pro in modeling, his model advice also dunno what he's trying to imply. nonsensical person.

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