Sunday, March 23, 2008

Poem no.9

Feeling Lonely

When emptiness drains the heart,
And regret cripples the mind,
I wish I were back at the start,
Hoping to erase faults of all kind.

All alone with no one to clutch,
Craving for affection to no avail,
Watching couples share love so much,
Makes me wonder if I would prevail.

With each passing moment I pray,
For God to send my angle this way,
Created by him for myself wholly,
A cure for a sickness called lonely.

Let this be a prayer from deep within me,
A silent cry to the great powers above,
That they listen and have pity upon me,
Hopefully tomorrow they bring me my love.

Another poem written out of frustration. Don't know if it even makes sense. At least when i wrote it, it did. I'm drained... need inspiration... I feel like banging my head against the wall... oh well, life must go on... hopefully the next poem I write would be a happy one...


tus said...

i love this poem....

something i can relate to too!

Jonathan Nathan said...

Thanks! I like it too...

Pregnancy Concerns said...

Very nice moral in this poem.thanks for this poem.