Sunday, September 23, 2007

Impossible choices

I was watching my favourite fictional TV series, Supernatural, just now. The plot really got me thinking. It was about the main character Sam who had to make a choice between following his heart and following his mind. It was a about this girl who turns into a werewolf by night but come daylight, she can't remember what happen at night. So, Sam and his brother Dean track her down and try to save her by finding a way to reverse the effects of lycantrophy. But in the end, the couldn't save her. Sam was left with 2 choices, let her go free (she kills innocent victims when she turns into a werewolf) or to kill her. He struggles with this decision because she is innocent and does not know about anything when she turns into a werewolf. The decision was a painful one but she asked him to kill her in the end which left him in tears.

I guess that the point im trying to make is that sometimes life makes us choose between 2 impossible choices where choosing either way will make us feel depressed and misrable. I guess i've struggle with that too, especially in love. It's painful and as the saying goes "time heals all wounds, but absense makes the heart grow fonder". I guess either way, we lose and we would most certainly reflect upon it for the rest of our lives, wondering what could or would have been. I hope that God would be merciful enough not to let me go through that again because "the first cut is the deepest" and the second won't just be a cut.

Personally, if i could turn bak time, i would like to go back to Febuary 2007. Maybe if i did something different, i could have saved myself from making the most impossible choice i had to make in my entire life. Then maybe, just maybe, she would have stayed and things would be much more different now. If only i could...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Crashing and burning...

This semester is turning out to be hell on earth. I'm taking only 1 academic subject but my free time is all spent for my CCNA classes. I'll be at the doorstep of INTI at 8.30AM everyday and i only leave at 7.30PM or 8.30PM, except for Saturdays and Sundays but this might change soon as my lecturer is already demanding for us to spend our weekends in the networking lab. I has been 4 days since this started and i'm already having fever, flu, sore throat and so many other sicknesses. All I can do when i reach back home everyday is sleep because of how tired i feel after the long hours. I keep reminding myself that this is only for 1 semester and the rewards would be wonderful. Thats the only thing that keeps me going.

I really need a break before i break...

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Started a new pic blog...

I started a new pic blog for weird things that i find. I've already posted a few good pics. Check it out and comment on them if you have free time and there's nothing better to do. I'll be updating it very frequently because i find weird stuff happening almost everyday. Stop by ok? :-)

It's at:

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I need inspiration to write again...

This has been bothering me for quite awhile now. I want to start writing poems again but lately I've been having a serious case of writer's block syndrome lately... I need some sort of inspiration. I wrote one at the beginning of this year but since then i've never been inspired to continue. I guess it's because of a painful experience i had a few months ago. It broke me down. I want to fix that void. I want to be myself again. I need to write something. I guess I'll start by reading through Shakespeare again.

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