Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beer commercials are the best! :P

I miss some of the beer commercials they used to play before movies at the cinema. Stupid Gov had to ban them for fucks. Anyway, here are some of the funniest beer commercials ever:

Heineken - Walk In

Oz (Dutch Beer) - Walk In (Heineken Tease)

Budlight - Men Invented Everything

Heineken - Jennifer Aniston

Budweiser - Waaaaaasssupppp!

Brahma - Voodoo

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Poem No.12 - Gray-eyed Angel

On a fateful night in fading March,
I met this angel so very wonderful,
Of course I didn't believe it much,
But she touched my heart and made me a fool.

Those sexy gray-eyes like heaven's skies,
Those luscious red lips made me beg for a kiss,
Surely she must be one of God's great lies,
Made me wonder "Who is this miss?".

That dreamy sweet voice,  what a lovely sound,
That black silky hair that ran through my hands,
I just sat there blankly looking at what I had found,
But tell me angel “Could I hold your hands?”

That cute face that lingers on my mind,
That beautiful smile made my mouth drool dry,
I doubt the dream that you'll be mine,
But a friend I'll be though laugh or cry.

I think I was running on an empty fuel tank when I wrote this one. Wrote it on the way to work, so I blame it on morning blurriness. The only thing I like about this one is the title. :-)

7 April 2009 - Reworked. Sounds better now