Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ronaldo... following Becks' footsteps of disgrace

Was it greed or just plain stupidity? Christiano Ronaldo kept suggesting about his switch Madrid since the end of the previous BPL season. 2 days ago he confirmed it. A 300,000 pounds per week salary at a fallen Spanish club? I really can't understand why he calls it a dream. United are the BPL champs and the European champs, isn't that a bigger dream? Who was Ronaldo before United bought him? Well, for one, it better that he leaves because United is a team of champions and champions do not betray their own club. Beckham did the same when he was at his peak and look where he is now... look at what he achieved in Madrid... nothing.

Which one's the bigger betrayer?

Ronaldo said that Scolari advise him to move to Madrid, kind of obvious that Scolari was saying that to get rid of Ronaldo from the BPL just because he's Chelsea's new manager and he thinks that United will be weak without Ronaldo. News flash for Scolari: United is not an individual, United is a team. So, I don't think we'll miss Ronaldo.

Robinho: Ronaldo's replacement? Or someone better?

Rumors have been circulating that Real might offload Robinho to United as part of Ronaldo's 100,000,000 pound transfer from United. Robinho has stated recently that he wouldn't mind a move to United. I think if thats the swap, Robinho would be great for us. The coming week will be crucial for us. Just wait and see... Glory glory Man United!

Update (30/06/08):

Even Hitler hates Ronaldo now...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Me @ The Med

If you could find heaven in Malaysia... It would be at Cherating's Club Med. I spent my previous weekend there for 3 days and I really didn't want to come back here. Beach, babes and booze, what else would you want? It was actually a company trip, so it was FREE. We enjoyed the activities around the grounds during the day and partied like animals at night with a free flow of booze. Met this really hot chick there and drank till I couldn't drink anymore. The food was also fantastic as we had about 100 different dishes for every buffet meal. Given a choice, I would really like to go back there someday.

Me sippin' Club Med's Monkey Juice at the beach bar

The Macha gang

Don't we look wasted?

Me and the 'intern gang'

Me and Prasad chillin' under the trees at the beach... it was so freaking relaxing...

Hurmmm... me and my Bombay Blue... I think this was drink no.9 of the night...

Compare this with PD... which one would you rather visit?