Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thanx for a great Birthday!

I would really like to thank Adrian, Li Yi and Pei Yee for such a great Birthday 'party' this year. Although it was slightly unorthodox but it was great fun! I really don't know how to thank these people, they really made my day.

Well, it started off at 11PM when they fetched me from my house. Then we went all the way to Sunway Pyramid and realized that the shops there were closing (serious, it wasn't my idea :P). Then i suggested that we head down to Asia Cafe in SS15. So we went there and sat down, ordered drink and chatted. Then they conspired against me in a language i didn't understand, like executioners planning how to execute me LOL! Then Li Yi and Pei Yee disappeared for awhile, against my wishes. 15 minutes (yes 15 mins, their shopping instincts took over :P) later, they came back with something in a plastic bag.

Guess what was inside? A bubble blowing toy and a packet of condoms LOL! Totally unexpected but really cool. I prefer these kinds of stuff coz they more exciting than the conventional stuffed toys and ultraman figurines that we usually buy for a someone's Bday. Anyway, we then headed down to Padang Asam in SS14 (yes, sounds very nostalgic) to.... BLOW BUBBLE! (naughty naughty! what were u thinking?... yes, the condom packet always comes to mind 1st before the bubble blowing toy :P). We noticed that Padang Asam was too dark to play bubbles anyway, so we drove to the USJ4 field near my house. We arrived there about 12.30AM or 1AM and started having a bubble blowing session. We literally tried to blow bubbles at each other's face to see who could be the best bubble blower LOL! Me, Pei Yee and Li Yi were blowing bubbles like machine guns... unfortunatly, Adrian had no previous experience of blowing bubbles LOL! So, i took him 5 mins to blow 1 bubble. We were screaming and chasing each other around like we were in primary school and i hope that we didn't piss off any neighbors :P We went back home at about 1.30AM.

It was really fun and its pleasantly different from what i did for my previous Bdays. Friends forever! THANKS A LOT!

Here are the blurry pics we took with my phone (Adrian, sorry that there were no clear shots of u) :

Li Yi and Pei Yee trying to play CS but with bubbles :P

The only shot with me in it... Adrian, what were u doing with the camera :P

Li Yi, bubbles can't kill people la! LOL!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Melaka Trip (11.04.2007)

The story starts out as 4 frens set out to journey into the unknown, for unknown reasons. LOL! Basically, me, Li Yi, Adrian and Amanda ventured to Melaka disparate to find something people call 'fun'. We stepped out of Subang at 10AM on Wednesday (11.04.2007) and we traveled for like bloody 2.5 hrs. When we reached there we decided to have a soul satisfying lunch... Chicken Rice Ball. The meal was great but someone told us later that the shop that we went to didn't serve the best Chicken Rice Balls... LOL!

Then we went all the way to MMU, which was like in a different state coz of the distance... joking, its still in Melaka. We met Desmond and Kit Wen there and brought them back to our hotel in Melaka. We had 3 dinners... 1st was Char Siu Rice... 2nd was suppose to be Satay Celup but little did we know that the shops close on Wednesdays. So we went for Fish Ball Mee. LOL! The 3rd dinner was Carlberg and Cho Tai Ti (LOL! Played at the hotel). Then we went around town snapping pictures of our group like mad people, even the trishaw people were laughing at us, mind u this was at 12PM. By the end of the nite, we were so tired that we were talking nonsense. Slept at 3AM. The next morning we got up to have Western Breakfast at the hotel. Checked out of the hotel and decided to go to Jonker Street for shopping (for the gurls) and then to go for a swim at PD. But it literally took us hrs to get to PD after using a road that we've nvr taken b4 LOL! But then we reached PD and we had a lot of fun on the beach.

It was a great trip, can't ever forget it. Thanx to Adrian (we're machas 4eva!), Li Yi (although i bully u a lot, u're still very dear to me), Pei Yee (i always have loads of fun wit u especially when we bully Li Yi LOL!), Desmond (u spent so much of ur time and money on us there and i really appreciate it bro! Best frens for life!) and Kit Wen (so quiet but u're still one of us). I hope that there will be many more trips like this. Frens 4 life!

Adrian, Me and Desmond chilling on the bed... we didnt do anything more than that...

Kit Wen, Li Yi, Amanda, Adrian and Me

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

10 Things I Like About You...

I like the way you speak soft and sweet, makes me melt within a heart beat;

I like the way you wait for me, staying up all night to make sure i sleep;

I like the way you bug me to serenade you, then hear you laugh out while i weep;

I like the way you talk for hours, 5 minutes apart we can hardly bare;

I like the way you that you're so pure, God's angel sent to watch over me;

I like the way you teach me things, makes me want to be better someday;

I like the way you care for me, caring for me when no one will;

I like the way you humble yourself, showing me how good a person you are;

I like the way you oversee my weaknesses, judging not my past regrets;

Most of all, i love you because you make me happy, a blessing like you i will forever keep...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

So, whats the craziest thing you've done lately?

In the movie Girl Next Door (2004) Elisha Cuthbert (who plays Danille) asked "What's the craziest thing you've done lately?". Emile Hirsch (who plays Matthew Kidman) couldn't answer her, because he was always uptight and straight, never did anything people didn't expect him to do, just follows the rule book. It got me thinking, when we reach old age, maybe around 60 or 70, are we going to be the kind of person that says "I don't mind dying now, I've done everything and i regret nothing" or are we going to be the kind of person that says "I don't want to die now. I haven't done this, i haven't done that... I haven't lived enough". I started doing things that people didn't expect me to do... crazy things... some stupid, some daring... but its not to show that i have some guts, i do it so that one day i can say "I did everything and i regret nothing".

But my idea of the craziest thing I've done changed recently, i found out that its not about doing stupid things, its about finding something you really care about and risking all you've got to hold on to it. So, whats the thing that has changed me? I fell in love for real this time, and finally its not one sided. I call it the craziest thing i've done lately no because i'm playing it like a game, its because it has changed me into a better person. Love is crazy, sometimes there's ups and sometimes there's downs, but its really worth all the effort in the world because i know she's worth it.

In the same movie, Emile Hirsch made a speech about Moral Fiber. He said:

"Moral fiber. So, what is moral fiber? It's funny, I used to think it was always telling the truth, doing good deeds, basically

being a fucking boy scout. But lately I've been seeing it differently.

Now I think moral fiber's about finding that one thing you really care

about. That one special thing that means more to you than anything else

in the world. And when you find her, you fight for her. You risk it

all, you put her in front of everything, your life, all of it. And

maybe the stuff you do to help her isn't so clean. You know what? It

doesn't matter. Because in your heart you know, that the juice is worth

the squeeze. That's what moral fiber's all about."

Thats what I'm doing now. I know that the juice is worth the squeeze. She's the one that I'd risk everything for. Although i might not have been a good person in the past but I'm changing into one bit by but each day because of the love and care she shows me. I just hope that I'll be a man worthy of her one fine day. Then i'll take her hand, and never let go. I know we're meant to be together...

Thanx for everything... you know who you are :)

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