Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thanx for a great Birthday!

I would really like to thank Adrian, Li Yi and Pei Yee for such a great Birthday 'party' this year. Although it was slightly unorthodox but it was great fun! I really don't know how to thank these people, they really made my day.

Well, it started off at 11PM when they fetched me from my house. Then we went all the way to Sunway Pyramid and realized that the shops there were closing (serious, it wasn't my idea :P). Then i suggested that we head down to Asia Cafe in SS15. So we went there and sat down, ordered drink and chatted. Then they conspired against me in a language i didn't understand, like executioners planning how to execute me LOL! Then Li Yi and Pei Yee disappeared for awhile, against my wishes. 15 minutes (yes 15 mins, their shopping instincts took over :P) later, they came back with something in a plastic bag.

Guess what was inside? A bubble blowing toy and a packet of condoms LOL! Totally unexpected but really cool. I prefer these kinds of stuff coz they more exciting than the conventional stuffed toys and ultraman figurines that we usually buy for a someone's Bday. Anyway, we then headed down to Padang Asam in SS14 (yes, sounds very nostalgic) to.... BLOW BUBBLE! (naughty naughty! what were u thinking?... yes, the condom packet always comes to mind 1st before the bubble blowing toy :P). We noticed that Padang Asam was too dark to play bubbles anyway, so we drove to the USJ4 field near my house. We arrived there about 12.30AM or 1AM and started having a bubble blowing session. We literally tried to blow bubbles at each other's face to see who could be the best bubble blower LOL! Me, Pei Yee and Li Yi were blowing bubbles like machine guns... unfortunatly, Adrian had no previous experience of blowing bubbles LOL! So, i took him 5 mins to blow 1 bubble. We were screaming and chasing each other around like we were in primary school and i hope that we didn't piss off any neighbors :P We went back home at about 1.30AM.

It was really fun and its pleasantly different from what i did for my previous Bdays. Friends forever! THANKS A LOT!

Here are the blurry pics we took with my phone (Adrian, sorry that there were no clear shots of u) :

Li Yi and Pei Yee trying to play CS but with bubbles :P

The only shot with me in it... Adrian, what were u doing with the camera :P

Li Yi, bubbles can't kill people la! LOL!