Friday, April 13, 2007

Melaka Trip (11.04.2007)

The story starts out as 4 frens set out to journey into the unknown, for unknown reasons. LOL! Basically, me, Li Yi, Adrian and Amanda ventured to Melaka disparate to find something people call 'fun'. We stepped out of Subang at 10AM on Wednesday (11.04.2007) and we traveled for like bloody 2.5 hrs. When we reached there we decided to have a soul satisfying lunch... Chicken Rice Ball. The meal was great but someone told us later that the shop that we went to didn't serve the best Chicken Rice Balls... LOL!

Then we went all the way to MMU, which was like in a different state coz of the distance... joking, its still in Melaka. We met Desmond and Kit Wen there and brought them back to our hotel in Melaka. We had 3 dinners... 1st was Char Siu Rice... 2nd was suppose to be Satay Celup but little did we know that the shops close on Wednesdays. So we went for Fish Ball Mee. LOL! The 3rd dinner was Carlberg and Cho Tai Ti (LOL! Played at the hotel). Then we went around town snapping pictures of our group like mad people, even the trishaw people were laughing at us, mind u this was at 12PM. By the end of the nite, we were so tired that we were talking nonsense. Slept at 3AM. The next morning we got up to have Western Breakfast at the hotel. Checked out of the hotel and decided to go to Jonker Street for shopping (for the gurls) and then to go for a swim at PD. But it literally took us hrs to get to PD after using a road that we've nvr taken b4 LOL! But then we reached PD and we had a lot of fun on the beach.

It was a great trip, can't ever forget it. Thanx to Adrian (we're machas 4eva!), Li Yi (although i bully u a lot, u're still very dear to me), Pei Yee (i always have loads of fun wit u especially when we bully Li Yi LOL!), Desmond (u spent so much of ur time and money on us there and i really appreciate it bro! Best frens for life!) and Kit Wen (so quiet but u're still one of us). I hope that there will be many more trips like this. Frens 4 life!

Adrian, Me and Desmond chilling on the bed... we didnt do anything more than that...

Kit Wen, Li Yi, Amanda, Adrian and Me