Monday, April 28, 2008

Entering the Lion's Den for an... Interview???

I've just finished my finals. Now that I've completed my degree, its time to look for a job... but with which company? Well, thanks to my senior (Joseph) and my Head of Program (Alain), they managed to hook me up with SHELL!!! Shell is an IT person's dream come true, mainly because their IT department is one of the most efficient and technologically advanced in the world. Their IT Department here in Malaysia services the entire Shell organization throughout the world... so imagine the awe and excitement…

Anyway, went for an interview with them last Tuesday. They were very impressed by the way I presented myself and of course my academic excellence (only I know that’s crap) LOL! Then before the end, they asked me 2 important questions:

What do you expect in terms of salary?
My answer: I would say 3k at least because I know I can deliver.
Their reaction: Ok *writes down the figure on my resume*

What sports do you play?
My answer: Football of course.
Their reaction: Thank God that we finally have someone that plays football!

All in all, it was a very successful interview and 2 days later they confirmed that they were hiring me and we began talks on my contract for the position of Client Deployment Engineer. So, Shell will be my home for the next few years. To get into this place is amazing and I hope to learn enough to become an expert in the future.

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