Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My New Dream Gurl, Hannah Tan *drool*

I have never been obsessed (as in fantasised) with Malaysian girls in particular before. My dream girls were mostly European or American (I mean Western) until I met Hannah Sarah Tan. She’s Miss Petite Malaysia (I don’t know which year), she a model, she’s an actress, and she’s a TV program hostess. She’s not only a great beauty but she has Einstein’s brains. Come on, how often do you find that combination? She totally amazed me when I found out about her background. She’s not another dumb model, she’s a model with a 4.0GPA score…. Amazing! Hannah Sarah Tan... *drool*
Here’s what I mean:

Brief Profile:

Name: Hannah Sarah Tan
Date of Birth: 25th October 1981
Place of Birth: Penang, Malaysia
Nationality: Malaysian
Race: Chinese-Kelabit

Pageant Achievements:

  • Miss Global Petite International WorldFinals 2002/2003 (Montreal, CANADA)2nd Runner-up1 Subsidiary Title (Miss Congeniality)
  • Miss Malaysia Petite 2002/2003Winner1 Subsidiary Title
  • Miss Perak Petite 2002/2003Winner1 Subsidiary Title
  • Miss Penang Pesta Millennium 2001/2002Winner4 Subsidiary Titles


  • Bsc. (Hons.) in Computing and Information Systems
  • Higher Diploma in Computer Studies Graduation Class Distinction, GPA 4.0
  • International Advanced Diplomain Computer Studies NCC (Correspondence self-study with the National Computing Centre in UK)Graduation Class DistinctionInternational
  • Diploma inComputer StudiesNCC (Correspondence self-study with the National Computing Centre in UK) Graduation Class Distinction


  • NCC Silver Awards, Malaysia's Second Best Student (August 2002)
  • Valedictorian Award (July 2001)
  • Book Prize Winner, Top Scorer Schoolof Computing and Information Systems (July 2001)
  • NCC Malaysia's Outstanding Student Award (Project Management)(1999 - 2000 Academic Year)
  • Merit Scholarship Award (August 2000, April 2000, January 2000, August 1999, April 1999)

Non-Academic Involvements and Experiences:

YEAR 2005:
Guest, Pillow Talk (Pillow Talk Specials), ntv7Host, Ringgit Sense, TV3Host, Looking Good FeelingGood (new makeover reality show ), ntv7

YEAR 2004:
Sketches, ntv7Guest, Pillow Talk (Season 1), ntv7Guest, Pillow Talk (Season 2), ntv7Guest, Celebrity Squares (ntv7),3 episodesGuest, Latte @ 8 (8TV), 1 episodeHost, Girls' Club, ntv7

Don't you think thats her profile is impressive? I've seen and met many classic beauties in my life. But with Hannah, its different, i guess its becuase of her combination of intelligence, grace, cuteness and radiance that strikes me more. Here are more of her pics:

Hannah's Miss Global PhotoHannah's Nescafe Advert Hannah's Swimsuit Photo... *drool*


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