Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What people think of IT students?

People think that studying IT is easy and all you need to learn is to switch on and switch off a PC. It's funny how we IT students have to spend 3 to 4 years studying a RM50,000 (on average) degree program and all we get in return are insults and... more insults. Here are some other perceptions that people have about IT graduates:

We need to answer stupid questions

No matter how stupid a question can be, IT people are expected to answer it without actually using any technical terms. Makes us IT people look like the bigger idiots.

Example: "Why when i want to print the screen say printer not found? The printer right next to my PC what? This PC blind ah?!!!" asks the employer. "Did you switch on the printer?" answers the IT technician. "Oh, need to switch on ah? Why never say earlier wan? Next time write down for me ok?" answers the employer. Then the IT technician walks away and repeatedly hits his head against a cement wall.

We need to be able to solve any PC problems, no matter how far we are from the scene

Even when we're stuck in a remote location (even on a tropical island with no modern civilization), we're expected to solve PC problems but visualizing the PC in our heads guided by the 'vivid' and 'meaningful' descriptions given by the person who need the quick fix.

Example: After a 12 hour day of work, the IT technician finally gets to rest his head in his bedroom in house own house... he falls asleep... out of the blue, he receives a phone call from his employer... at 2AM IN THE MORNING!!! The conversation: "Why my PC can switch on but nothing appear on the screen wan?" asks the employer. "I'm not sure sir, i can't see what's wrong from here, i will check it as soon as i reach the office in the morning" says the IT technician. "Haiyah, this problem also cannot fix ah? Why you learn IT then? I wan watch movie now you know." says the employer and slams down the phone. The IT technician hits his head against the wall repeatedly... again.

We are given the 'unemployable' status even before we graduate

Most non-IT people say that there are too many unemployed IT graduates in the country now. Well, thats rubbish. Only the noob local uni student who aren't able to communicate well, because they were so 'spoon fed' by the government are unemployed. Private uni or college IT student almost never have a problem landing a job here and overseas because the job market for IT is growing rapidly these days. IT sectors like software engineering and networking are in need of graduates. So, please don't spread rumors like "Don't study IT la, my father said that Malaysia got 50,000 IT students who cannot get job wan. Do business la, my father say can get 5 figure pay after we graduate. I wan to be like that  Donald Trump fella la, he own McDonald rite?".

So overall, as an IT student myself, i get bombarded with silly questions sometimes, i don't mind answering them but i wish that the questions were a bit more logical. I enjoy studying IT and i know IT has a very bright future ahead. And please don't blame technicians or other IT personnel when your PC problems cannot be fixed. We're only human, not God :-)

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