Friday, May 18, 2007

Massager from hell...

I recently met this Chinese physician who studied in China for 20 years. He's actually my uncle's friend. So, he read my palm and told me about the health problems that i had. He said that i had back pains that were caused by damaged nerves on my back. He said that my blood wasn't circulating properly there. He recommended a massage, so i thought that a massage won't be so bad since that everything he said was true, I've been having back pains for years due to my injuries when i was actively playing football (now so old ready, can't play like last time LOL!).

Anyway, he began his treatment and to my surprise he said that my body was too tough and he couldn't massage it properly. So, he recommended another method... to my horror he used the edge of a porcelain bowl to scrape my back to stimulate the nerve and remove clogs. The pain was excruciating. I was screaming all the way. When i was admitted into the hospital when i was in Form 3, the doctors used to stab me with needles like crazy and i got used to it, it got to the point where i enjoyed being stabbed like that. I even got stabbed with a needle through my backbone and through my knee cap. But the pain that i was going through during this massage surpassed all the stabbing pains that I've gone through. My back was blue-black when he finished. He even did it on my ribs and it was sore for 1 week. But amazingly, my back pains went away instantly and i felt better.

He also told me some other things about my future when he read my palm. But I'm not putting any bets on it because I'd like to create my own future. I guess going through the pain was worth it. So, anyone want a massage like that? :P

My back after the massage. Full of bumps and bruises. Fully blue-black.


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CRAZY!!!...ur back looks goodness!!! THANK GOD ur back pain went off....IF NOT!!!???