Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Experienced My Greatest Fear in 1 Night...

What's my greatest fear? Actually, its the fear of being a parent. I've always told myself that i should get married late because i don't want to have children so early. I still want to enjoy my freedom while it still last. But a few days ago my fears caught up with me.

My sis bought a puppy (Shizu breed la). So, being only 6 weeks old, it demanded a lot of attention. During the day time it didn't matter because my sis was around to attend to it. But my nightmare started at night when my sis wanted me to let the puppy sleep in my room for the night (in its cage). I went to bed at about 1AM. As soon as i rested my head on my pillow, the puppy started barking. It wanted to piss and i won't piss in its cage for some reason, it prefers to water my floor. So, after it did its 'business' i had to mop my floor... at 1AM in the morning, mind you... and then it didn't want to go back into the cage, it wanted to play. So, i played with it for about 30 minutes and then it started to get sleepy again, so i put it back into the cage. Then i went back to bed. Next thing you know, it barks again after 15 minutes. It needed to piss again. So, i repeated the same routine and put it back to sleep after awhile. The problem is that it repeated the routine so many times that i didn't realize that it was already 7AM by then, and i had to go to church at 8AM. So, i told my mom that i will go for the 11.30AM mass at church instead, because i was too sleepy to even walk. Unfortunately, i overslept and missed that mass as well, but i went for the 5.30PM mass.

So, the lesson learnt is that we should never commit ourselves to 'young' beings of any kind this early in life. We'll regret it. I can't imagine doing that for more than 1 night. Now i know what it feels like to have a baby in the house. Parents have sleepless nights. Life is unkind sometimes lol!

But i love the puppy. I can't blame her for what she does everytime i look into her eyes. My heart just melts. I like the way when i was so tired that night that i just slept for awhile on the floor while taking care of her. She was playing around in my room that time and when she saw me sleeping, she came and slept beside me. She was so cute.

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