Tuesday, May 29, 2007

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

The only reason I'm doing this is because Yuin Yin tagged me and so i have to continue the chain. This list took me so long because i hardly know myself hehehe!

  1. I have a slight OCB
    Obsessive Compulsive Behavior. I over-react to a lot of stuff. Sometimes to the extent of the smallest detail. For example, if i write something, every word and notation must be perfect. If even a full-stop is missing, i'll go crazy and try to correct it even if its already printed out and i'd just correct it and print it out again. Another example my playlist of songs in my pc. Every song title is editted so that it follows a uniform format (a dash to separate artist and title, capital letter only for of the 1st alphabet of the entire title, capital letters for the 1st alphabets of each word for the artist name, for songs with featured artists the format is different a bit). Many other examples i can't think of, sometimes it happens subconsciously.

  2. I'm a good leader, bad follower
    I can't take orders at all for some reason. Very low attention span. I think even a monkey has a longer attention span than me. Especially if the leader thats bossing me around is incompetent, thats the worst thing, I'll lose my head. If i know the leader is wrong and I'm right, I'll wage a war. But if I'm the leader, I'd die on the battlefield for my troops. As a leader, I've always put my troops before me.

  3. I'm a sucker for romantic movies
    Lol! This is one of my weaknesses. I really like this genre, but i only watch the really good ones. My favorites include A Walk To Remember, Jerry Maguire, Scent Of A Woman, 10 Things I Hate About You, Tomcats, Girl Next Door, Love Actually and much more. But mind you, I'm not a Titanic-fan.

  4. My favorite color is red
    "Red is my color, united is my team!" This is too obvious. Manchester United is red so naturally red is my color too. I would buy a red car when i start working. Red always!

  5. I would bleed for football
    I've spent so many years playing football, almost a decade now. I was always the passionate one on the field. Diving into tackles, blocking shots with my body and bumping into every obstacle thrown at me, that was how i played the game. As a result, i would like a wounded soldier when i got back home from playing, because i would have cuts, bruises and swollen body parts all the time. Sometimes even worse, i've had inflammation in both my knees (you won't wanna know how they took that out), and i even fell into a coma once after coming home from football. Even when i was lying down on my hospital bed a day after i woke up from my coma, the first thing i ask the doctor is "when can i start playing football again?".

  6. I work part-time for the church
    Yeah, i do. Mainly web mastering and coordinating youth activities. I really take my church work seriously and i do it for God. He has done a lot for me so i want to return the favor. Besides, its fun and i get to spend some time with my church friends.

Still thinking... LOL!

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