Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My friends are back... so are the old memories...

Oh damn, its been awhile since i last blogged. Nothing much has changed. My best friends are back from studying overseas for their summer break. Brings back a lot of old but unforgettable memories. Looking back, i can't believe that 5 years have past since our high school days. Seems like it was just yesterday. I miss the times we used to fool around without having to worry about anything at all. Those were the days i guess.

I remember the time when we squeezed 10 people into a kancil car just to go to the nearest 7-11 to get something to eat. It was on the day of one of our SPM papers. We only had 1 car and everyone wanted to go. So, we shoved as many people as we could into the car, which could barely move after that. It was like 3 people in the front passenger seat and 6 at the back, with 1 driver in front. Amazingly we survived... i wasn't talking about the trip, i was referring to the smell of sweat in the car because of all of those bodies in the car. The smell was like rotten eggs. Hehehe! Good memory...

Also the time when we skipped school by walking out the front gate. The guard was friendly with us so no problem there. We looked back and saw the Assistant Principle looking at us from far. We couldn't care less. The next day, the teachers suspected that we were from the act stream class, so the act stream student were punished at the assembly session the next day. We were surprised that they didn't catch us. LOL! After that, instead of stopping, we skipped school even more. The reasons were simple: the canteen food sucked, and some of the subjects were boring, so we went outside for a meal and we would come back to school after 1 or 2 hours, actually just to take attendance. Hehehe! Kids, don't try this in school!

Another fond memory was when i was caned in school. I was playing 'lastic' with some of the scouts at the back of the scout house. The by accident, my buddy shot one of our juniors in the eye and it was blue-back. So we panicked and sent him to see one of the teachers to get medical attention. The next thing we knew, we were sent to the disciplinary room. Initially it was just 6 of us scouts (all were boys), but when we reached the room, there were 10 other student who were punished for doing the same thing (we really didn't know where they came from), and 5 of them were girls. So, the teacher gave light punishments to the girls and let them go. When it came to the boys, he chose a thick 'rotan' and practiced his golf swing on our asses. Damn it was painful. To make matters worse the teacher was a body builder with a big strong figure. My butt was sore after that but surprisingly i didn't feel much pain. Maybe because my ass was so numb that i couldn't feel anything. What an educational experience.

I remember getting 'tempek' (beaten up for fun) by 20 students for my birthday, during our break time. They were all my friends but it was a tradition back in my school so i was shown no mercy. I went back to class after that with bruises on my body but luckily my face wasn't disfigured. Hehehe! I didn't mind them doing that to me because i know that i can do it back to them on their birthdays.

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