Thursday, September 01, 2005

My New Job... Kinda Interesting!

I got a job today. My ex-lecturer’s IT company. He offered me a project-based job, to develop IT solutions for clients. It doesn’t come with a fixed pay but it’s part time and I get to work from home, without traveling to places. My first project is to develop a blue-tooth based data transmission system. It’s quite hard to develop because the technology is still new and there aren’t many suppliers and vendors. On the bright side, the pay is a share in the profits and me and my team get to handle the implementation (so I have to do the demos for clients and the installation of the system at the proposed premises). It’s a challenge that I hope to overcome and I wish that I could make it big to make a name for myself. Well this is already a sign, that I’ve chosen that right path by choosing a career in IT and that people want me to work for them even though I still haven’t graduated yet. It’s nice to be wanted for something this important. I hope that I can live up to my new boss’s expectations.  

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