Friday, September 16, 2005

A Poem I Composed To Say I'm Sorry To A Dear Friend

Forgive me,
You've probably heard it before from me,
Yet you've never got tired of hearing it from me,
Instead, you've always brought sunshine to me,

A smile, when others brought me none,
A laugh, when others gave me sadness,
A hand, when others pushed me down,
A shoulder, when others made me cry.

Will I always be there for you?
When you need someone, will I be that one you need?
Will I do all my best to protect you when the world closes down on you?
When tears fall down from your eyes, will I be the one to wipe it away?
Will I be there when you call me in the middle of the night?
Will I keep the rain from falling down into your life?
Will I be there to make you strong and to lean on?
When you feel like the world is turning cold, will I be the one that's there to hold you?
Will I be the one that's always by your side?
I promise I will,
Always and forever…    

Author: Me, of course. My original creation. I wrote it to say sorry to a close friend… Someone I admire and care a lot about…  


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