Monday, October 30, 2006

A tribute to my best friends...

What is friendship to you? Well, to me, friendship is:

Never having to say I am sorry because I know they've already forgiven me;
Never having to say I need you because I know they're willing to sacrifice the world for me;
Never having to say I appreciate you because I know they'll stick around for me;
Never having to say I don't want you to go because I know they'll always be bugging me;
Above all, never having to say you're my best friend because I know that the feeling is mutual.

Somehow when best friends depart, there is the feeling of emptiness that can never filled, not even by the greatest love. Friendship dwells on a level higher than love itself. It demands unspoken acts of patients, respect, admiration, appreciation, modesty, compassion, and mutual understanding. Some people say friendship does not last forever and that good things always come to a better end. I say friendship looks not with the eyes, but with the heart. That’s where friendship comes from and it stays there till you take it with you to your grave.

I feel sad that my best friends (most of them) have left and won’t be coming back for a long time. I just saw them not too long ago and I already miss them so dearly. I know that they’re always with me in heart and soul but it’s depressing to think that they can’t be around us physically. I never told them how much their friendship means to me (they’ll probably just laugh when I say this… hehehe!) but every time I think of the good times we had together, I smile to myself hoping that we’ll be together again one fine day, and that hope is what I live for.

Sattiya, Me & Naresh... We've been through storms together...

The Matcha Gang (Suresh, Cassie, Lingam, Sattiya, Edmond, Me & Naresh)!

My dear 'sis' Kanchan, my guardian angel...

Suraya, my dreamgurl, I'd go insane without you by my side...

Thanks guys and gals for every thing we did together and I’ll come back to haunt you even if I die before you… hehehe! Take care and God bless.

Good friends start their sentences with "I", best friends start heir sentences with "We".

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