Saturday, November 18, 2006

I've found my way...

Falling in love is a lot easier than falling out of it. The memories last forever. Even if you try to move on, there’s always something that holds you back. You can never forget someone who has made a change in your life. No matter who you will be with in the future, the person that you let go made you the person that you are in the future. I have done my best to let go, I finally did, but somehow she still lingers in my heart. It hurts to let go, I can’t deny that, but it hurts even more to hope that someday we will be together. Which one is worse? I can’t choose. It hurts all the same. It has drained me mentally, emotionally and physically. I couldn’t hold on to this insanity any longer, I’m losing my grip, but now, I’ve bounced back, I’ve reclaimed my soul and my identity. I feel that the burden has been lifted. Now I can focus on myself for once. So, basically I’m back to my old self.  

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