Friday, October 27, 2006

Romantic Ideas & Gifts

Here is our list of the 10 most romantic ideas and gifts:

1. Something Original
Name a star after your sweetheart :
International Star Registry

2. Message In A Bottle
Romantic, mysterious, and intriguing :
Timeless Message

3. Gold Roses
Real roses preserved in 24kt gold :

4. Teddy Bears
Beautifully packaged, with personalized message :
Bear Affection

5. Love Greeting Cards
Send a beautiful greeting card for free :

6. Flowers
Over 1000 flower arrangements online :

7. Books
For "fairy tale" relationships :
Men Made Easy
300 Creative Dates
Perfect Love Letters
The Woman Men Adore
Bring Back A Lost Love
How To Get Your Ex Back
Single Man's Guide To Great Women

8. Engraved Gifts
Lockets, keepsake boxes, frames, candle holders, etc. :
(Gifts can be personalized,
engraved, or monogrammed for no extra charge. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $75.)
Engravable Gift Collection

9. Gourmet French Chocolates
Hand-crafted by world-champion, French artisans
(They claim to make the world's best chocolates) :

Learn about the various pieces :
zChocolates Guide

10. Online Massage Lessons
Step by step video instructions for a memorable massage
(15 Lesson Workshop, Limited Time Offer: $25 US) :
Learn Massage Online

Want More?
For additional romantic ideas, check out

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