Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My Vision of My Future

Well I think that I’ll be doing fine in the future. I’m just an Average Joe, so I don’t dream about becoming famous or living luxuriously in 7th heaven. I dream of having a good job, marrying a wonderful wife, having a few kids and owning my own house. I want a simple and peaceful life. If I could, I would buy a house that is away from the chaos of a big metropolis like Kuala Lumpur if I could. As for the challenges of marriage, I would like to be a gentle lover, but a hard-working provider. I would never let my wife work to get the things she wants coz I believe in giving the best for my own family. I would like to come home everyday from work, waiting to hold my wife in my arms and spend quality time with her. I’ll enjoy growing old with her. That’s why I’m very fussy about relationships; I want to make sure that I make the right choice so that we would be happy with each other. As for fatherhood, well I don’t really know what type of father I would like to be but I would rather be a close friend to my children so that they can come to me to talk about their problems and needs, instead of fearing me because I’m their father, which will cause communication breakdowns between a father-child relationship. I guess that I’ll be a lenient type of father coz I don’t want to have the relationship that I have now with my dad, with my children in the future. My dad and me rarely communicate because we might end up arguing about something. I don’t want to repeat that cycle with my kids. I don’t blame my dad for the state of our relationship because that’s the way he was brought up and he decided to follow his father’s way of bringing up a child. Me on the other hand, I want to break that cycle and be the best person I can to my wife and kids…

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