Thursday, May 08, 2008

Who says Britian ain't got no talent... makes Malaysia Idol and AF look like shite...

Suleman Mirza (Surprised the shite out of Simon Cowell)

Paul Potts (An opera singer? Does he look like one? You'd be surprised)

Connie Talbot (She's only 6 years old and sings better than Fantasia Barrino)

Watch that and tell me these people ain't talented. They're damn bloody good. They're on a show called Britian's Got Talent. Judged by Simon Cowell and 2 other Brits. Puts American Idol to shame although its a talent show not a singing competition like American Idol. Why can't the shite singers from Akedemi Fantasia and Malaysian Idol sing like that? Well, if you say that its because we Asians aren't as talented as them, have a look at this:

Jane Zhang

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