Sunday, May 04, 2008

I Need A Car!!!

I'm going to start working in Cyber Jaya soon, on the 12th of May, and I still don't have a car to drive up and down. My dad says "Use public transport!" and I was like ".............". Haih... anyway I'm going to get the down payment from somewhere and maybe get the new Saga BLM or Persona (Proton cars, if u don't know).

The Saga BLM

The Persona

Mainly because they are cheap and they don't look like a chick's car. But obviously the Saga BLM (M-Line, manual, 1.3) is cheaper, about RM35k. The Persona is about RM45k (B-Line, manual, 1.6). If I had a choice, then I'd rather go for the Persona... but because of my limited budget, I don't think I want to burden myself at this point of time. Maybe later on I'll switch to some other car thats not a Proton.

My dream car is still:

Mazda RX 8

I must get this car before I turn 30. I don't know, but there's something about this car that turns heads whenever its spotted. We'll see what the future holds.