Friday, December 21, 2007

New Year's Resolution

Hurmmm.... haven't really thought of one but since I'm going to start my working life is 4 months time, I think I'd better come up with some resolutions. Well, the 1st should be to actually graduate with 1st class honors (It won't be that hard since I only need another 3 A's). If that comes true, getting a job at DiGi or Cisco won't be hard at all.

My 2nd resolution would be to get my own place and car before the end of the year. I guess that relates to my need to be independent. I'm so used to living on my own in Nilai now that I can't live with my parents. I guess I really like the peace and quiet and of course nobody telling me what I can and cannot do.

My 3rd resolution? To spend more time with my closest friends (Cassie, Lingam, Sattiya, Naresh, Suresh and Niff. Others also be there are too many to mention). They've always been there for me when I needed them and I've always burdened them a lot. So, I've decided to be a better friend to them in whatever way I can.

My 4th resolution, to save up enough money for a good holiday at the end of the year. Targeting UK because I want to visit Old Trafford once in my life and I also a few friends there. Looks like I need to be very thrifty for 2008.

I'll write more if I can think of more....

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imDavidLee said...

hope u can achieve ur good dream in new year 2008...