Monday, December 24, 2007

2007 in a nutshell...

Well, year 2007 was full of ups and downs. There were many turning points in my life this year and i believe that I've reached a new sense of realization, in terms of where I want my life to take me. It was a year of heart-break, loneliness, and depression. But i did have my moments of happiness and fond memories that I'd take to my grave. Looking back at all that has happen to me, even if I could I wouldn't change anything. Because if I do, I wouldn't have learned anything. Year 2007's my words of wisdom: "We can't pick what life gives us, we'll just have to embrace what life throws at us". Thanks to my family and friends, I've managed to survive 2007 and I hope 2008 will be much better, as I tackle the afflictions of working life. Can't wait to see what sort of person I'll be next year. :-)

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