Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finally, i can write again...

Its been at least 9 months since i had the inspiration and the strength to write something great again. Thinking back to the time that once was, and remembering what was once mine, i picked up my pen my started reminiscing and writing. This was the result...

I'm sorry if it does not sound like much but it was born more out of the heart rather than the mind.

Waiting, hoping

Where did we go wrong?
What didn't we do right?
Fate's cruel blow swung so strong,
Like a lesion struck with great might.

Remembering of what was,
Pondering on what if,
Shuffling pieces of broken dreams,
Struggling within to realise defeat.

For a love so fatally wounded,
A cure is but of no avail,
The scar a reminder of what once founded,
Always hidden but never forgotten.

Wantings of the heart forever yearns,
Vigours of the body can stand no more,
Hoping for a dream that never burns,
Willing to die to hold once more.

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