Thursday, November 29, 2007

A visit to RTM

Yeah, i visited RTM. It was actually to meet an ex-lecturer of mine who is currently a newscaster for RTM's Ulasan Akhbar segments. So, when we got there he gave us a tour of the place. What did I do there? I visited every corner of the Broadcasting Center, met with other newscasters, sat at the newscasters desk with the cameras pointed at me (i hope that they didn't record anything LOL!), met a local celebrity (Imuda from Pimai Pimai Tang Tu), and starred in a 30 second video clip that will be aired on RTM soon. Well it was actually for a discussion segment for my ex-lecturer's talk show on RTM. During the recording, the interviewed me on the topic: "Why non-Malay are not proficient in Bahasa Malaysia?". Well, i gave him a straight answer in BM (i had about 6 to 7 takes... it was pretty hard ok... needed to mind my language and pronunciation). After i was done, i watched the video clip and it was really cool, i was really relaxed and natural. My big TV debut... didn't think it would come so soon :P

Yes, me sitting at the newscasters desk... wish i had my Canon camera... damn...

The RTM Staff Room (for newscasters and reporters)... Restricted Access you know...

Me and my friend Niff at RTM

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