Saturday, December 20, 2008

What we do at a brewery... hurrrmmmm... :-)

A few nights ago, my department organized a trip to Guinness Anchor Brewery. We were invited by the management there and it was a 'all you can drink' session. The place was fantastic. They had all sorts of booze and I tried them all. There was this one brand that I really liked, called Kilkenny, from Ireland. It was the best beer I've tasted. It's not sold on shelves here in Malaysia but a few pubs have it. It’s so smooth and to taste a fresh pint straight from the brewery, that felt amazing.

It’s true that fresh beer taste better, apparently the taste depreciates as it ages, so today’s beer will taste a bit different than the same beer 1 week later. We also went on a tour of the factory. All I could see was lots and lots of beer. It was heaven. I just kept drinking and drinking... and drinking (until I lost count of the glasses). I hope I go back there again someday…

Oh yeah, meet The Tower! It's this long glass which can easily carry 2 or 2.5 cans of beer. We challanged each other to down the whole glass in less than  3 minutes. Guess what? Only 4 people out of 20 managed to finish it till the bottom. Others gave up half way. I'm proud that I was one of the Elite 4. I conquered the Tower! But unfortunatly I wasn't drunk. I was sober enough to remember everything the next morning, and reach the office 9AM sharp for work. Next time think twice before you challange me to a drink :P


YinYin said...

drink till u drop ?? hahaha
anyway, the glass that u used to drink the beer is special..cute.

vishalini said...

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