Monday, August 25, 2008

Wish List: HTC Touch Diamond

Been eyeing this PDA phone for quite awhile now. Thought I would rather buy iPhone 3G, but now that I think of it, until iPhone has a local carrier here in Malaysia I wouldn't want to take the risk.Why would I want to buy this phone?

  • The Diamond has a attractive display and comes with a dedicated 64MB chipset.
  • The Diamond has a better design, more compact body and lighter weight, as compared to most other PDA phones.
  • Diamond's TouchFLO 3D technology, better graphics on the interface.
  • Similarly Diamond's Touch-sensitive scroll wheel is very useful.
  • Diamond comes with a Standard miniUSB slot which offers flexibility.
  • The Diamond has good video playback performance.

In Malaysia, the price should be around RM2200.

Anyone wanna sponsor one for me? :)

1 comment:

YinYin said...

OMg!! HTC touch diamond ...My Bf Love this fon so so much....hahaha..he saw this at his business seminar...

and oh come you got your own domain ady??? so nice much u have to pay???hehehe..i will update your link soon ^^