Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finally, i can write again...

Its been at least 9 months since i had the inspiration and the strength to write something great again. Thinking back to the time that once was, and remembering what was once mine, i picked up my pen my started reminiscing and writing. This was the result...

I'm sorry if it does not sound like much but it was born more out of the heart rather than the mind.

Waiting, hoping

Where did we go wrong?
What didn't we do right?
Fate's cruel blow swung so strong,
Like a lesion struck with great might.

Remembering of what was,
Pondering on what if,
Shuffling pieces of broken dreams,
Struggling within to realise defeat.

For a love so fatally wounded,
A cure is but of no avail,
The scar a reminder of what once founded,
Always hidden but never forgotten.

Wantings of the heart forever yearns,
Vigours of the body can stand no more,
Hoping for a dream that never burns,
Willing to die to hold once more.

A visit to RTM

Yeah, i visited RTM. It was actually to meet an ex-lecturer of mine who is currently a newscaster for RTM's Ulasan Akhbar segments. So, when we got there he gave us a tour of the place. What did I do there? I visited every corner of the Broadcasting Center, met with other newscasters, sat at the newscasters desk with the cameras pointed at me (i hope that they didn't record anything LOL!), met a local celebrity (Imuda from Pimai Pimai Tang Tu), and starred in a 30 second video clip that will be aired on RTM soon. Well it was actually for a discussion segment for my ex-lecturer's talk show on RTM. During the recording, the interviewed me on the topic: "Why non-Malay are not proficient in Bahasa Malaysia?". Well, i gave him a straight answer in BM (i had about 6 to 7 takes... it was pretty hard ok... needed to mind my language and pronunciation). After i was done, i watched the video clip and it was really cool, i was really relaxed and natural. My big TV debut... didn't think it would come so soon :P

Yes, me sitting at the newscasters desk... wish i had my Canon camera... damn...

The RTM Staff Room (for newscasters and reporters)... Restricted Access you know...

Me and my friend Niff at RTM

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Amazing Aunty Aini's Western Food

Basically this western food joint is in the middle of nowhere in Nilai (some say its in a jungle... quite true actually). But the food there is the food of the Gods! Have you ever tasted 'home made' western food??? Well, everything here on the menu is freshly prepared and nothing is ready made. Even the chicken chop is made out of fresh chicken (the ones that you buy from the market) and not the frozen pre-made chicken fillets that you get from most western food outlets like Victoria Station or the Manhattan Fish Market outlets. In fact, i can tell you that the quality of the food is better than those established outlets. I ordered the pan cooked fish fillet (braised with lemon sauce), it was truly awesome. The fillet was actually fresh fish and not the ready-made frozen fillet. The mushroom soup was also a killer, made from freshly blended mushrooms and it was really creamy.

Believe it or not, Anthony Bordain (from the Discovery Channel), who is a world famous chef who does documentaries on food from different countries, actually came here to try Aunty Aini's cooking (there is even a photo of the staff and Anthony hanging next to the counter). The chef is actually a Malay lady, Miss Aini, who learned western cooking when she was in UK a while ago. She came back to her hometown (Nilai) to open a restaurant in her own backyard (she owns a huge area of land). She cooks every dish personally. She also cooks fantastic Malay dishes that i have yet to try.

So, come on down if you want to try the food here. I'll be your guide, no problem.

My mouth watering Pan Cooked Fish Fillet (with lemon sauce)... I already miss the taste...

Jia Wei eating her crispy but heavenly tender chicken chop... I must try that next time...

Adrian gobbling down the chicken chop... Damn, i'm feeling hungry again...