Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life in Nilai... let's clear some doubts...

People think that life in Nilai must be down rite uncivilized and boring. To tell you the truth, i really like Nilai. I have so many reasons. For one, its very very quiet and peaceful, i mean no jams and car noise (apart from the african guys drifting outside my apartment every morning at 2AM). Its also very very cooling. Would you believe that the temperature inside my room at 11AM in the morning is 26 to 27 degrees? Well its true. I don't know why but when its scorching hot outside, my room stays cold. Now you know why i hate getting up in the morning. Its a good excuse you know.

The food in Nilai is amazing. I can safely say that its better than Subang or PJ. I'm talking about the Chinese food here, not the mamak (which is hopeless). Hokkien mee, bak kut teh, mix rice, seafood fried rice, pork chop mee, clay pot yee mee, crispy chicken rice, you name it we have it and it will taste better than most places that you've tried before. One special dish that i've found in Nilai that doesn't seem to exist anywhere else is called 'Ayam Separuh'. It's not only fried chicken (although they called it 'separuh', its more like 'suku' coz of the size of it) but its a complete set meal. It comes with a mix of chicken and fish curry, 2 vegetables and papadam. The price? RM4.00. Worth every cent, the taste is amazing. People folk to the malay restaurant that serves it everyday at noon and its so hard to get a place to sit if you come late. I've seen 20 to 30 people queuing up for the food at one time, and thats not counting the ones who are already seated and started eating away.

Another reason to stay in Nilai: the Chicks. The international chicks in my uni are hot. Especially the Indonesian gurls. They really know how to carry themselves and the are fun to talk with and very approachable. Most of them end up with the Arab students but if you're lucky you could snag one. The local talent here isn't hot at all. So if you wanna 'wash your eyes' on international chicks, come to Nilai.

The Internet connection here is way much faster than Subang or KL. We have dedicated lines from smaller ISPs that can guarantee a fixed 1Mb to 2Mb connection. I heard that one ISP is even offering fibre optic connections here. So, for online gamers and download leechers, this is heaven. Streamyx can burn for all i care.

Everything is conveniently located around the INTI area, so students don't even have to drive out. There are cabs waiting 24-7 outside the uni. Buses come by every 40 to 60 mins. The KTM train station is not too far away. Giant and Mydin are close by if you need to more groceries. Pasar malam is held 3 times a week in Cempaka, which is also close by.

The students here are very active in sports, so we play futsal, football, basketball, cricket and badminton here every night after class. Anyone can join in. Doesn't matter if you don't belong to the uni because i once wore a Prime College football jersey to a futsal game here, nobody seemed to be bothered by it. There's even a frisbee club that throws frisbees around on the field... i don't know how they have fun with that tough... lol!

I can go on and on about Nilai. Just come and see for yourself. But if you're the party animal type that can't live without clubbing, shopping and parties, then stay at home. The Nilai experience is for people who want a relaxing environment. Sort of like a spa resort.

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ISz said...

haha,so i have no doubts about that..true!! erm.. maybe i will consider intit college as a place to continue my degree later

Jonathan Nathan said...

LOL! By that time maybe I'll be graduating ready man! But its still a good place to study man. I have no regrets coming here.

Anonymous said...

yo man.. have u graduated yet?
are there many hot international chicks in nilai?
frm which countries?

what about alcohol? ;)'
is it readily availible?

Jonathan Nathan said...

Yeah, I've already graduated. Hot chicks? Hurmmm... a few I guess ;-)

Alcohol? Available.

Anonymous said...

Are there any cinemas around?

Jonathan Nathan said...

Only in seremban