Thursday, January 25, 2007

Farewell Naresh

After 7 farewell parties, 3 people passing away, dozens of road accidents happening in front of him, and getting an unlimited amount of summons for his ‘perfect’ driving skills, all in a short period of a few months, he finally managed to leave this country to further his studies in NZ. It’s a great move for him because it will provide him with a better and more successful future.

I guess I’ll miss him because we were the best of friends; we were never even apart for more than a week. We always did stupid but fun things together no matter what the consequences. I remember how he used to be the best student in class, counting from the back, and I would be behind him (so basically we were the last in class). I used to sneak out of my house to go for mamak with this guy and some friends for nuts, but we never got caught. We used to skip school, walking out the front gate, just because we got bored of the plain canteen food, and we’d end up at a mamak shop having roti canai. After the roti canai session, we would be too lazy to go back to school, so we would just walk to the cyber café instead.

Thinking about all these old memories and about him, I would say that I would never find another friend like him in this world and I really appreciate this friendship. I hope that we can reunite in the future when we finish our studies, and maybe be business partners, that would be really nice. Friends forever, buddy! And good luck in whatever you do in NZ.