Sunday, December 24, 2006

My latest poem, An Intruder Called Love

An Intruder Called Love

On an unwary day,
It appeared to me,
Like a thief on a dark day,
It stole the whole of me.

Bewildered by a new feeling,
Overwhelmed with new hope,
Started my journey of fulfilling,
This blessed gift some call ‘love’.

Burning inside me I can feel,
Love’s true passion scorching my soul,
Ready to do whatever I will,
To have my love forever to hold.

Sometimes I wonder what good I have done,
To receive a love so purely divine,
Though good looks and gold I have none,
Still hoping someday she’ll be mine.

Deeper and deeper I fall each day,
Departing from you makes me blue,
Claim your heart one day I may,
That will be my dream come true.

I’ll end this by saying my love is true,
Till my last breath I breathe for you,
Doubt not my feelings for it’s a clue,
That I’ll never forsake my love for you.

Spent about 4 hours pouring out my feelings to write this and I’m still not happy with the final result. I’m still working on improving it a bit, because I know it’s not that great yet. If anyone has some ideas on how I could change the words or anything to improve it, let me know, maybe I’ll let you be a co-author, if your idea is accepted that is… hehehehe!

Thanks for reading it

P.S. I swear I wrote it myself, no plagiarism… LOL!

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