Saturday, September 02, 2006

What the heck I did during my holidays… ermmm…

Basically nothing… for 3 weeks! Maybe the highlight of the holiday period was when I finished Diablo II. I think I would have broken the whole record by finishing the game at level 26, while everyone I know finished it only after level 40 or 50. So the feeling of accomplishing that was really amazing. It’s like I actually achieved something. “I came, I saw, I conquered!”

Besides that my recent trip to Port Dickson with my cousins was fun, although I came back with a bruised foot (after playing football on the beach). We experimented with my cousins’ dogs by testing if dogs are natural swimmers. Lol! I know, it’s stupid. We took the dogs out to sea and dumped them in the water; they enjoyed playing fetch with a plastic ball in the middle of the sea.

That’s about it for my holiday highlights… I basically did nothing (I told you!). I actually miss going to college… I want studies (No, I’m not high!) and I miss looking at the chicks in college. I’m going back to college this Monday. So, I hope that this semester is going to be a good one.

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