Sunday, September 17, 2006

My latest literature creation... my new poem

If She Were Mine

Kiss her when I’m loving her,
Heed her when I’m broken down,
Feel her when I’m lonely,
Hold her when I’m fearful.

Touch her when I’m needing her,
Clutch her when I’m fallen,
Hug her when I’m chilly,
Tickle her when I’m joyful.

Tell her when I’m proud of her,
Seek her when I’m unseen,
Trust her when I’m plunging swiftly,
Dream her when I’m blissful.

Author: Jonathan Nathan

I’d rather call it a sonnet rather than a poem, because I used synecdoche. This effort is my best by far. I hope that it draws criticism as well as inspiration. It’s not perfect, but it’s fruitful. Feel free to suggest changes or new verses (your name will be accredited to it also), but send it to my email so that its easier for my to reply.


Joan said...

hey John, you are really talented! I wish I can be that "HER"...

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!you are talented....