Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Poem No.12 - Gray-eyed Angel

On a fateful night in fading March,
I met this angel so very wonderful,
Of course I didn't believe it much,
But she touched my heart and made me a fool.

Those sexy gray-eyes like heaven's skies,
Those luscious red lips made me beg for a kiss,
Surely she must be one of God's great lies,
Made me wonder "Who is this miss?".

That dreamy sweet voice,  what a lovely sound,
That black silky hair that ran through my hands,
I just sat there blankly looking at what I had found,
But tell me angel “Could I hold your hands?”

That cute face that lingers on my mind,
That beautiful smile made my mouth drool dry,
I doubt the dream that you'll be mine,
But a friend I'll be though laugh or cry.

I think I was running on an empty fuel tank when I wrote this one. Wrote it on the way to work, so I blame it on morning blurriness. The only thing I like about this one is the title. :-)

7 April 2009 - Reworked. Sounds better now




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