Monday, October 06, 2008

Finally got into a magazine!

It's OUT!!!!

Ahhhh... this is something I've wanted to do for a long time. When I was invited to write in (Doctor Job's Courses Now Sep 2008 issue, Pg.11), I was ecstatic about it and I had like 1 week to figure out what to write. I spent a few days on it and sent it in. Waited almost 1 and a half months for the article to finally come out! It was worth the wait :)

Click on the pic below to read a bigger version of this pic. I guess the words are too small here :(

A word of thanks to Doctor Job!

P.s. Page 11... how did they know that my favorite number is 11? :P


YinYin said...

WooHoo!!! Awesome man!!!!!!!!!!!
proud of u !!!!

Jonathan Nathan said...

Thanks2!!! :-)

Tusilya said...

i told u already but still anyway... WAY TO GO!!!.... awesome!..

nice to see you so professional.

anyway i cant really much but im sure u gave wonderful answers hahahha.


Adrian Hew said...
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Adrian Hew said...

Good job bro...Nice to see that u are covered in the Doctor Job's magazine!
Keep it up & hope there are more media coverage on ur network engineering profession in the near future!
U could be a pioneer for more advancement in diverse areas in the 'networking' & IT field of our "Bolehland"...haha :D


- adrian -

Jonathan Nathan said...

Hey bro, thanks for stopping by. Hahaha! That all remains to be seen in the future. As for now let's live in the present ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks man. You lifted my spirit.

Larry N.K.