Monday, March 19, 2007

Brave Young Knight (Poem)

Brave Young Knight

When the world comes down on you,
And you feel like drowning,
Remember your knight is here for you,
Fighting all that causes you mourning.

He will banish the darkness,
Withstand all bitterness,
Wipe away your wariness,
Sweep you away to happiness.

Thus, do not forsake your brave young knight,
Begs merely a chance to be by your side,
To his beloved, he attends to day and night,
Hoping and never wanting to be brushing aside.

Author: Jonathan A. Nathan

Mi Amor was the inspiration for this poem and i hope she likes it. It's about sharing pain and sadness with the one you love, and i guess it also applies to happiness.


P.s. I've created a new blog for my collection of self-written poems at
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