Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yet another update

Well I decided not to go for SEGi’s Prom Nite, coz I heard that even SEGi’s own students are boycotting the event coz they think that SEGI is being rather ‘cheap’ by having the event at the SEGi building itself. I can’t imagine 150 people fitting into a cramped building like that. Looks like that they’ll never loose that stinginess that they’ve always had, even since when I was there.

Hmmm… my PTPTN loan just got accepted and I guess I’ll be covered until I finish my studies. They’ll give me an extra of RM500 per month just for my expenses, so that means that I don’t have to find a job during the holidays. But maybe I will because I can’t imagine sitting in the house and not doing anything throughout the whole holidays.

My friends are down from overseas, mostly from Russia coz they’re studying medic over there. Somehow, it seems like I’m back in high school when I’m with them. Everything we do has to involve doing something stupid. Its fun and I really miss it. Its like we had never grown up since high school. Brings back old memories, fond ones.

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