Monday, May 22, 2006

This is how much you mean to me

A little something I wrote for my special someone, my sis:

You came to me at my darkest plight,
Saved me my life’s great fight,
How I wish you here to tonight,
To clutch and hold till morning’s bright.

You will always bewilder in my mind,
The sweet silent invader of my dreams,
Always enduring, always distracting,
I pray these notions forever linger.

You will forever be my greatest pride,
To defend and honour till end of time,
Your flesh and blood embedded in me,
Part of me you will eternally be.

I know I’ve always said I loved you but you might think I never meant it but I can’t imagine not saying this, what I truly feel, before God decides it’s time to take you away from me, but even so, I’ll never go down without a fight to keep you, because you’re my life and soul. I’d die if someone took you away from me again. So sis, please accept what little I can offer in words. I love you.    

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