Monday, March 20, 2006

Something that i can't have

Do you sometimes wish that you could have something that you know that you can never ever have? Even if you do everything you can to get it, it will never happen. The worst thing is that when someone else has it, you wonder what could or would have been and you never really forget or move on after that. It’s a terrible feeling, especially when it dangles right in front of your face and you want to reach out as far as you can to get it, but your hands are tied behind your back. You try not to be selfish, and you try to show that you’re fine without it, but inside, you’re suffering and slowly dying. It’s like being held back by a leash that’s slowly chocking you. Sacrifice is sometimes not worth it, you make that ‘someone’ happy but it’s ripping ‘you’ apart inside. I hate regrets but recently I think I committed the biggest mistake of my life by letting someone just fly away from my grasp and I can only sit here and wait for its doubtful return…

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