Monday, March 16, 2009

Woot! What a morale booster!

Hannah Tan wrote to me on her blog article... drool... LOL! The real reason I admire her is for her 'down to earth' character. She really treats her fans very well, even tries to chat with us on her website whenerver she has a break from her work. She is the perfect example of what a celeb should be like. Being a celeb doesn't make you better than others, but makes you able to serve others.

Kudos to Hannah!

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Manchester United vs Liverfool gathering

Last nite I organized a gathering to watch the match between Man United and Liverfool for a 100 Facebookers from my Manchester United Fan Club on Facebook ( The atmosphere was bloody awesome. The support they gave was amazing and I wouldn't have asked for a better crowd. We packed the place (Sanook, Kelana Jaya) and almost brought the roof down with the amount of noise we were making. 

My thanks to all the supporters who made this possible. I'll organize more gatherings like this in the future for the love of our club, Manchester United! 

Glory glory Man United!

The place was bloody packed!

Joel, Ash and Brian chillin out

More loyal supporters from the Facebook group!

My old school buddies came along as well, thanks to Li Yi

The hardcore supporter's gang!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Malaysian Dream Girl season 2: Episode 1

It’s back and I’ve decided to blog about it again, since I received a fair amount of criticism for doing this the last time, and I love having a swing at the drama that goes on. But luckily the competition was made much more sensible by the departure of Kenny 'The Sex Bomb" Sia as one of the judges. My pick during the auditions last season was Hanis and she was in the finals (Top 3).

Let’s look into Episode 1. (

The first one to strike me was Amanda. She was born in South America but grew up all her life here. She speaks very well and presented herself very modestly. I would say that she could qualify for the competition. But apparently they (Producers) have a rule: Malaysians Only. I was like "WTF! She has a Malaysian IC, her dad is Malaysian, she has her own Malaysian PR and for heaven's sake, she went to a Malaysian primary school here". But they eventually rejected her just because she has a South American passport and not a Malaysian one… Shit, I myself don’t have a passport currently, but I have a Malaysian IC, so you’re gonna kick me out of the country? STRIKE ONE FOR THE ORGANIZERS!

Alexandra… really hot. Has that sexy lure. Love the thick Aussie accent baby! Ok, seriously, she has potential. Would love to see how she progresses. She answered the judges pretty well actually but I do agree that she came in for the audition looking like she just got out of bed… Other than that, all is good!

Next, Shi Ling… this one was funny… she could be a comedian instead of a model.  The judge asked her “So what do you do?”. She said “I work in a lab”. By the way she presented herself (her character was a bit too tomboy-ish, she reminded me of an anime character and she walked with her legs apart), I really thought she was gonna say “Meth lab”. But she mumbled something else. And Elaine Daily’s eyes nearly popped out saying “Breast lab???”. The girl went “Breath test”. Yes, they test people who are high on weed… LOL! Then she says “I’m sort of a coordinator there, not exactly Labratoris categorized”. WTF is a labratoris? Some kind of dog breed? Sounds like it. Even the judges thought that she was from an alternative band, like a rocker chick or something. Wrong competition…

Carrey… during her audition, the song “American Sweethearts” played in my head. Hate to say this but she’s Malaysia’s version of a blonde and you know what they say about blondes. Elaine Daily asked her “Why do you want to be a model”. Carrey replied “Because I want it!”. Then she complained that her life is very boring. Then the other judge asked “Do you think your boyfriend is boring?”. She replied immediately “Yes!”. Judge asked “Where is he?”. She replied “Outside”. Elaine Daily then asked “Who is your favorite model?”. She replied “Amber Chia. Because I love her. She’s tall but not very pretty. She can be famous but I also dunno”. WTF! She admires Amber but bitches about her. Thank God the judges rejected her. Our old boy Kenny would have gone on a hunger strike to put her through.

Juanita… hurmmm… interesting. She carries herself well. Aggressive and a go getter, that shows determination. Has the persona of a model in the making. Diamond in the rough I guess. Would like to see how she fares in the upcoming rounds. FYI, there are already Facebook fan groups supporting her progress through the competition… errr… a bit too early people?